"For students of mathematics, science, and engineering, the name of the game is problem solving. Whether it's proving a theorem, writing a computer program, designing a statistical experiment, or solving for the stresses in a bridge, the essential challenge is problem solving."
- William Briggs

Mike Salazar's story


Video feedback

All problems  have deep and detailed video solutions that provide fantastic feedback and reinforce concepts

Performance Metrics

Powerful analytics engine measures students performance everyday, through the term and shares with teachers, parents and school administrators

Word Problems

Special attention given to word problems, application problems and mixed skill questions

local access

StudyLab is built for local school access  so that schools don’t have to worry about heavy internet costs.


New content is added on a weekly basis


Problems are carefully crafted, curated and categorized by our faculty from international and local exams and competitions.

Built for

We know that a student who earns a B in Math may not be a ‘B’ student. She probably just couldn’t prove competence in one or two skills out of a dozen during the tests.  StudyLab helps parents  keep an eye on all the skills a student needs to show competence in as the term progresses. We’ve helped parents make intelligent decisions for their kids using StudyLab Central. Read more

We help teachers achieve true continuous assessment, every day, every week for every child with questions taken from local and top international exams that inspire critical reasoning and  deep knowledge of concepts. Students can be at the competence level of any exam once they finish with a topic and that’s what StudyLab helps teachers accomplish. Read more

 StudyLab is offline and with just a few tweaks every computer on your campus will be running it offline.  Besides we just helped an entire class push their average math scores up by 40% and parents were extremely glad. Read More

You know how you’re taught a concept in class but don’t seem to be able to solve problems. We help you with that. All our questions have video solutions that help you understand the concepts behind the question and how they’re applied to solve the problem. We’ve helped thousands of students ace their math and physics this way.


Math topics across the entire secondary math curriculum


We track 290 math skills and report competencies to teachers and parents


StudyLab tests all skills in Math and Physics across 3 levels of difficulty. This helps to strengthen a students problem solving muscles


Problems and video solutions in Math to strengthen competence


StudyLab tracks competence in over 70 sub-topics in physics


Over 2000 problems in physics from standard local and international exams


& Recognitions

Some of the best brands in the world believe and share in our vision

Hundreds of software vendors bring me hundreds of products. Of all of them, I chose StudyLab

Mike Salazar

Principal, African International College Abuja

This is a world class project and I'm glad to be a part of it. I'm certain that the quality of scholarship in the sciences will greatly improve

Dr. Steven Songden

PhD Physics and parent

We had a 98% pass rate in WAEC Math. Up from 88%.

VP Acad

Airforce Girls Comprehensive School


For Science students, Math and Physics would probably take 60% of your study time. But don’t worry Chemistry, further Math,  English and economics  are coming very soon.

We call it rehearsals. Yes StudyLab Central lets you practice multiple subjects in WASSCE, UTME and Cambridge IGCSE and Olympiad.

We will be adding new subjects shortly. So stick around

We will shortly provide forums around each question that allow students to ask questions and get answers from other users

Some questions are crafted by Insight Africa and others curated  from Local and international exams including USA, UK, India, Hong Kong & Singapore.  We take care to curate the best problems from these exams and competitions

We have some great guys working on the content. Some are professors, some teachers and others really brilliant university students. Together, they make sure you have sound videos

In math, we track 50 topics and 290 skills over three levels of difficulty

In physics we track 73 topics over three levels of difficulty

We keep track of how much work a student does and how well the student does it. The simple reason is that the more work a student does, the better she gets.

Its a feature currently under development. It will allow a teacher take questions from the pool and assign to a class or a subgroup within a class and get immediate feedback once they are done.